QUALITY Management

We follow a stringent quality policy with a robust quality management system. Our products are accredited with ISO 9001-2015 DNV Netherlands certified and have received the Export worthy status. We ensure to carry out a comprehensive quality check at all stages, from raw material procurement to end product, ISI-marked delivery.

Research & Development

Fully integrated Research & Development Unit is equipped with the most modern computerized testing facilities, some of which are probably unique in the industry. The R&D Unit researches, evaluates & develops the physical and chemical properties of different raw-materials & rubber compounds for high performance of Tyres & Tubes.

The R&D Unit designs & develops computer-aided tread patterns to give “Bedrock Tyres” better road grip, traction properties & higher durability with greater riding comfort.

Introducing N2C
Powered by Nitrogen Curing Technology

A New Approach

In order to overcome conventional curing disadvantages, we have developed a Nitrogen based tyre curing concept that replaces steam/hot water with Nitrogen. This inert gas keeps the system pressure & temperature at the desired level with no cold spots. Further the higher system pressure used to achieve better consolidation of all the components.

Benefits of Nitrogen Curing Technology

  • Improved Quality - Reduced tyre failure
  • Improved Carcass Consolidation - Higher load carrying capacity
  • Improved Pressure & Temperature Stability – During curing even cure for all-round performance
  • Increased Productivity through reduced cycle times
  • High & Consistent Quality guaranteed.